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Card Set
Paulinchen on fire Thumb boy with thumbs cut off Little Red Riding Hood in wolf's stomach Max and Moritz ground up and being eaten by ducks Card packaging from front Card packaging from back

CLASS: Illustration

DESCRIPTION: Tasked with creating a set of cards with packaging, I decided to reach for my German heritage. Growing up, I was lovingly read these gruesome cautionary tales by my Opa, who would translate them from German to English. The design has a limited colour palette to make the cards more cohesive. The packaging was a fun challenge as I set out to create a pair of lederhosen to keep the German theme going.

The stories featured are Paulinchen, the girl who played with matches and burned to ash; Rotkappchen, the classic story of Little Red Riding Hood; Little Suck-A-Thumb, who would not stop sucking his thumbs, so the barber snipped them off; and Max und Moritz, a couple of troublemakers who were ground into duck feed as punishment for their pranks.

The packaging turned out to be the most difficult but most fun element of the project. It needed to be designed to properly fit the cards while reaching over and clipping in the front. The two straps you see in the front enter through two slits to keep it closed. “Die Erzahlungen” (“The Stories”) can be seen on the back.